Beach bag essentials

Our top picks for this summer.

Must-haves in your beach bag, for effortless style in the sun.

  1. A selection of fine rings from our shop

2.  MISSONI crochet zigzag reversable bikini is a MUST HAVE! Cute colors, classic cut & perfect for any beach day in the sun


Missoni reversible crochet-knit triangle bikini at

3.  MILK and co Dry touch sunscreen. If you have never heard of this beautiful line of skincare, you are TRULY missing out. This particular sunscreen is made with natural Tea Tree oil, so not only is it great for your face &body, it smells DEVINE.

If you hate oily creams that make your face break-out, this is something you must try. Promise!


4. By Jasmin Wanderlust necklace  



5.  Water

Drink, drink, and drink some more…

We all need water to help flush out toxins in our bodies, we should all be drinking 3 litres or more a day.

This will keep your body hydrated throughout the hot summer.

Skin, hais & your body will be glowing from the inside out! No make up needed.

Check out this awesome blog post on the Mind Body Green website to find other 10 reason why you should drink more water.


Photo credit: ONOKY – Fabrice LEROUGE/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images