We love fine rings

Pile on the the fine rings! The trend is definitely here to stay. At bali P L A T F O R M we have a huge selection of fine rings to suit any style.


The Mini Lava set of 4 rings in Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Gun Metal can be slightly adjusted to be worn as a normal ring or midi rings. Wear them together or separate, all 4 in one finger… The possibilities are endless! 

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The amazing Dia fine chain ring by Leeloo Bird is the perfect complement for any ring party assemble or a subtle touch of style if worn on its on.

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Also by Leeloo Bird the Dream turquoise and gold plated ring. The Dream range also includes matching necklace, bracelet and earrings!

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The Ola Pluto sterling silver fine ring by ONO. Definitely one of our favourites designs by ONO 

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CARPE DIEM! Seize the day in Latin, this fine ring by by jasmin doubles as a magical little reminder for us to enjoy each and every second. 

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Mini Bintang Ring by Bahagia (Bintang is the Indonesian word for STAR!) in Gun Metal with a gold star and a tiny green peridot stone. Its also available in red garnet, blue sapphire and moonstone!

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