Sandrine, the creative presence behind Leeloo Bird Jewelry embodies the qualities she infuses into her creations. Each piece an extension of her heart – wild and free.

Intuitively inspired design concepts which shape themselves to the contours of her personal journey. Caribbean roots, studied in France, many years in Afrika, the elevated perspective of winged flight and echoes from the deep green sea weave themselves into the symbols, cuts and grooves of Leeloo Bird Jewelry

Through her unique designs and the example she radiates by living the life she loves, Sandrine communicates a vision of possibility – An invitation to rise up beyond the scope of the everyday, to fly and embrace this opportunity to explore, express and experience whatever it is our heart longs for most.

Our jewels symbolize the meeting of inner & outer freedom, intuitively inspired to communicate balance of radiant feminine beauty & raw feminine strength.


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