By Jasmin Fine Jewellery

By jasmin is a creative collaboration between fashion and travel blogger Jasmin Howell of Friend in Fashion and bali PLATFORM.  Inspired by our travels around the world and eternal desire to wander and explore. Each piece is loving designed and hand made, ensuring its uniqueness.

The collection represents memories of an eternal wanderlust.

A nomadic state of mind.

The range of fine jewellery includes the Wanderlust necklace and bracelets and Carpe Diem bracelets. Also available are the set of Travel rings representing some of the hotter destinations around the world.



The Carpe Diem Bracelet also comes in silver

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The Carpe Diem ear pin has a tiny turquoise stud as a pair and also comes in silver

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The Wanderlust bar necklace are the absolute best seller!

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